Terra Ignoto

Thus Far

An efreet was convinced to help destroy an icey mass in the lake. After a hard fight with a giant animated ice beast, the efreet died, leaving it’s burning flame-berge in Zannon’s hands. Galadriel claimed the ice lotus as her own. After escaping the ice mass, Zannon found that he was freed from his duty of forming an army. Upon a visit to the Astreale royal family, Zannon received a knight’s order charter. After two test administered by the Divinity Ministry, Zannon was discovered to be the son of Apollo.

The First Step

Zannon Songsteel has been expelled from the Knights of the Golden Sun for allowing a commoner into the order under false pretense. He is in possession of the Scroll of Gaius the Galliant, the founding document of chivalry. Zannon has been summoned to his family’s manor and killed a small band of goblins along the way.

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